10 advantages that placed the UAE among the first in the global Islamic economy index

The managing partner of Truth for Economic and Management Consultancy, Reda Mosallam, confirmed to “Alroeya” that the UAE is one of the most important Islamic countries that have made and are still supporting and strengthening the consolidation of Islamic culture in all aspects of life, whether in Islamic countries or elsewhere.

He explained that one of the most important factors that helped and worked for the state to occupy the second place in the index of the Islamic economy is that the state’s religion is the Islamic religion according to and in accordance with the permanent constitution, and the scientific and practical application of the rulings of the tolerant Sharia among residents of different religions, without opposing those religions.

He pointed out that among those factors is the state’s possession of “soft power,” which refers to the geographical location, which mediates the world and the state’s hosting of more than 208 nationalities on its soil who live in peace and harmony, which convinced them to enter the true Islamic religion.

He indicated that among these factors also is the state’s technical progress and its adoption of artificial intelligence during the coming decades, especially as it has a strong and modern infrastructure, The state owns the two largest aviation companies and the largest network of lines with the countries of the world, which helps the ease of linking the countries of the world to each other, the state has more than one aid association as these associations provide generous aid that the state provides to poor Islamic countries and also provides aid to any country exposed to disasters and grants.

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