103.7 billion dollar, UAE’s top foreign investments in 10 years

Reda Musallam, managing partner at Truth Economic Consultancy in Abu Dhabi, said that UAE companies are making big profits outside their territory, pointing out that this success is due to their application of the system of governance, transparency and effective performance evaluation.

And stresses the need to focus UAE investments on Arab markets that not exposed to political unrest, pointing out that the Egyptian market is the best for them at the moment.

It calls on UAE investments not to focus on investing in traditional sectors such as real estate, retail and infrastructure, despite their importance, but it must allocates a small part of their investments in the technological sectors, especially information networks, the Internet, renewable energy and digital currencies, stressing that they have made significant progress in these sectors such as renewable energy in particular, but it certainly needs to double its investments in new sectors that will attract world attention in the coming years.

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