2947 defective goods were withdrawn daily during January 2018

“The problem of recovery has increased strongly over the last period, especially for durable goods, such as cars and electronics, among other commodities,” Reda Mosalam said, partner manager of Truth Economic Consultancy.

He attributed the growth of recovery operations to the rise of large industrial companies to produce some goods, especially those that need advanced technology, in other countries, characterized by cheap labor and basic services, such as water and electricity, which led to the reduction of quality levels which may be dangerous to consumers, Pointing out that some of these countries are not committed to performance standards and high quality such as the main production countries.

He suggested the presence of representatives from the UAE, who have high technical expertise in factories that produce strategic goods or commodities from which the UAE imports large quantities, to monitor production processes, ensure high quality of goods imported by the state, as well as the intensification of sanctions and the imposition of fines on agents. If withdrawals from certain brands of goods occur during short periods.

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