% 4 servings Takaful insurance companies of general insurance at the end of 2014

Posted: Tuesday, May 12 2015
Bassam Abdel Samie (Abu Dhabi)
Share Takaful insurance companies ranged between 3% and 4% of the total assets of the general insurance companies during the years 2013 to 2014, according to a comparison of the company Truth Economic Consultancy study.
ٌReda Muslim said , general manager of «Truth», in a report released yesterday the company: «ranged paid-up capital for insurers Takaful between 8.2 to 9% over the past two years, what requires to make Takaful insurance companies more efforts so that it can expand area in the insurance market. » He pointed Muslims that the study, recommended that the establishment of the Assembly of Takaful members include Takaful insurance companies, to form the Union speaks in its name and a reference to the fact that speak on behalf of the Union gives strength to the view put forward, both in front of the legislature Takaful Insurance, which the Insurance Commission.
The study called for, the need for the Association of Takaful insurance prepare connected and lasting for Research and Studies series on Takaful insurance developments, and access to the best international practices in this regard and adapted for application in the state as permitted by legislation and the laws of this important sector.
It also recommended the establishment of Takaful insurance companies to organize a regional conference and an annual includes all securities that are looking at how to develop this type of industry.
According to the study, the general insurance companies revenues fell 2.3 billion dirhams for 2014, compared to 3.2 billion dirhams for the year 2013 and valued at 912 million dirhams and 28.7% .uartf Total revenues Takaful insurance companies in 2014 about 787 million dirhams, compared to 546.3 million dirhams in 2013, an increase of approximately 240.7 million dirhams, an increase of 35%. Earnings from Takaful insurance companies the proportion rose to 35% of the total insurance Airadt end of last year, compared with 17% rate achieved in the year 2013, an increase of 18%. Total expenses of the general insurance companies stood at 1.4 billion dirhams for the fiscal year 2013, while amounted to 987.5 million dirhams for the fiscal year 2014.

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