6 enablers that enhance the UAE’s pioneering experience in virtual trade areas

The director of the Truth Economic and Management Consultancy, Reda Mosallam, pointed out that the most important ingredients that contribute to the success of the UAE’s pioneering experience are what the country has reached in the technology sector and the virtual business environment, which helps it to transfer the idea from its local character to a global virtual experience, while helping it Local legislative flexibility, especially in light of the facilities provided by the trade movement to and from UAE, which constitute an ideal opportunity for companies to overcome trade restrictions that may be exposed to them in their home destinations, according to their local licensing legislation.

Mosallam added that the timing is ideal to accelerate the pace of project completion, especially in light of the pandemic conditions, and the need for international business environments for flexible enablers and tools to facilitate business launch and move between markets quickly and smoothly beyond the imposed precautionary restrictions, which represent clear challenges to the ease of doing business.

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