«Abu Dhabi Economy» permits allow shifting restaurants

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Bassam Abdasameea (Abu Dhabi)
Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi issued a decision to leave, granted permission for the exercise of commercial activity for restaurants vehicles or mobile cars on the emirate level, based on the existence of a license based activity restaurant or existing activity Supply food to be owned 100% of the citizen or partner citizen license.
Said Mohamed Munif Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Center for Abu Dhabi to work on behalf of the department that this decision comes within the framework of keenness on enhancing the contribution of service activities at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, so as to contribute to the creation of more services to members of the emirate’s society.

He stated that this activity leave by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is in coordination with several relevant government agencies of the most important of the Department of Municipal Affairs, Transport and the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and the Department of Civil Defense and the passage of Abu Dhabi.
Mansouri pointed out that this decision will be subject to a number of conditions and controls that will contribute to the organization of the licensing activity of mobile cars for restaurants, explaining that the permit will be subject to the beginning of the initial approval by the commercial protection management in the department, which does not entitle turn for the client to exercise its pending the final statement by the permits and the classified section in the circuit.
He added that trade protectionism management in the department will be competent to determine practicing the activity of the car sites or trolley mobile and have the right to stop the authorization at any time, in case monitor any overrun by the license holder, as there are specific standards must be adhered to by manufacturers of cars or vehicles which will be dedicated solely to engage in this activity.
Munif Al Mansouri said that all branches of the circuit will receive requests to grant permission Activity mobile restaurants will be sent to the headquarters of the department to decide on the approval of the initial order for the client to complete its procedures.
For his part, Ahmed Tarish Qubaisi, Director of Commercial Protection Department Acting said in the Chamber that there are several stages during which issued a statement to this activity begin to inform the customer on demand inscribed on the query electronic circuit location screen model, which includes all the requirements and controls necessary to do so.

Al Qubaisi explained that customers who wish to apply for a permit Activity mobile restaurants adhere to a number of important conditions it an offense to stop in places unauthorized and sale of unauthorized substances of this activity and to engage in activity car mobile unauthorized and non-compliance with the time schedule and continue for an additional hour and the presence of residues to stop issuing musical sounds and noises and put chairs or tables in the specified location and have put posters or advertisements unauthorized and the submission of applications on public roads causing traffic congestion site.
He said that trade protectionism management in the department will be looking at the client’s request for a decision approving the model presented or rejection according to the conditions laid down, in the case of approval of an application is referred to the Department of Permits and ads for the issuance of letters for third parties related to the final approval where the permits and declarations by issuing necessary remark section regard.
Al Qubaisi said that the department is working on the preparation of a comprehensive program for each letter procedures for issuing a statement Activity mobile restaurants, all within the electronic services offered by the practice of commercial activities at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi package.
Furthermore, he confirmed experts and insiders in the commercial sector, that the decision of the Economic Development Department in Abu Dhabi, granted permission for the exercise of commercial activity for restaurants vehicles or mobile car at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, based on the existence of a license based activity restaurant or existing activity Supply food license, strengthens orientation of the sector of small enterprises, which are the costs Statistics and high profits, what constitutes a great support for commercial activity in the restaurant industry, and enhance the tourism sector services and provide new options for residents in the emirate in the field of catering services, and contribute to attracting more investments in this sector. He said: «The mobile restaurants is one of the effective solutions to meet the rise in operating costs resulting from rising rents and salaries of workers and choose Empty similar service place, where characterized such projects to freedom of movement and work in different places, both in front of schools or hospitals free and places of similar restaurants», pointing out that this decision will contribute to the rise in shops operating in that sector and achieve competition and consumer interest to provide meals at low prices.
The contribution of sector restaurants and hotels, 2% of the GDP of the Emirate of year-end 2015, according to the latest report, as the share of restaurants and cafes almost half the number of new retail facilities in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as the UAE has the highest rate of the number of food outlets and drink compared to the numbers of the population in the world, according to the latest studies in the sector.
Reza said Muslim economist: «The approval of the mobile restaurant’s decision is one of the new aspects of tourism services sector and bring added value to the contribution of the catering sector in the economic activity of the Emirate», pointing out that this type of project does not need a high financial cost, as characterized by the provision of the service in remote or high-density areas, as well as the construction and delivery of services to the public areas.
He explained that the draft mobile restaurants characterized by fast development and presence in public parks and offering competitive prices, as it is one of the investment ideas lucrative and guaranteed return provided that it is equipped with all the necessary equipment in industrial areas, which includes thousands of workers and staff and with only a few small stalls selling food items available canned.
He pointed out that these restaurants will provide a quick and hot meals, as well as different types of sandwiches, soft drinks and hot drinks.
In turn, Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, director Green Olives restaurant in the World Trade Center, said: «The spending rate in Abu Dhabi is a convenient for the sector, as the spending in high-end restaurants is small compared with the global cities», pointing out that mobile restaurants will reduce meals prices due to lower operating costs (rents and salaries of workers), where those restaurants only require one or two and the absence of rents, which will reflect directly on supply and demand. He added: «Abu Dhabi is one of the region which is witnessing an exponential growth in restaurants and diverse markets in providing Mokulatha», noting that this approach leads to restaurants to provide a high level of services, and the prices can compete. It also requires orientation development and marketing sales plans according to different strategies to reach the maximum amount of customers and continue to provide meals with high quality, adding that Abu Dhabi and an attractive destination for tourists that contributes to generate significant revenues for restaurants, and expected that the emirate is witnessing the opening of a large number of restaurants during the period the next to enter the market of mobile restaurants, according to the requirements of the circuit where the license is only granted for a restaurant already exists. For his part, Ali al-Ahmed «resident» The provision of mobile restaurants contribute to the provision of service options for residents living and quality of life, adding that the mobile trucks «Restaurants» is a new option, especially in light of the high prices of some fast food.
Internal equipment
Abu Dhabi (Union)
It is saved materials used in the preparation of sandwiches and snacks and drinks in private refrigerators inside and behind the truck, as well as provide a small oven for cooking and oven else to heat up, and drawers of aluminum to store food and vegetables cut in advance, and a place for cleaning the equipment and platform for preparation.
Those restaurants will provide a quick healthy meals that meet the needs of the public in several places in Abu Dhabi, noting that we are witnessing a great intensity in Iqbal international restaurants on the opening of branches in the capital Abu Dhabi, which increases its position on the world tourist map by the day.
Sheikha Al Kaabi: «Emirati Council» offers traditional popular dishes
Abu Dhabi (Union)
Sheikha Al Kaabi, owner and director of the Mills fixed and mobile restaurant said winning Master of Business Administration, said that the restaurant serves traditional Emirati cuisine and traditional food, adding that it has launched the name «Emirati Council» on her restaurant heritage mobile.
The idea started five years ago, when co-Kaabi, four booths offering Emirati folk cuisine in an exhibition held at the Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi, is currently involved in various events held in the state through her restaurant mobile. The restaurant «Emirates Council» is a big car, a provider with all the modern tools that meet the demands of customers, and the next meeting of Arab lend character to the aesthetically pleasing place, in addition to Alphendal «sweet potato bags». She Kaabi: «The food reflects the identity, because it touches the aspects related to social class», noting that it is working to make customers enjoy a meal in the company of friends and family at parties and events and events in the outdoor Emirati flavor par excellence through the many options available in the mobile restaurant ». The restaurant offers dishes hot popular in modern templates such as «porridge», and «mash» and «Porridge» and «mess» and «Algaymat», and «baked tortillas», and «Bread Rouge», and «Albuthaith», and « salty milk », and« Namlait drink », and« Alnge »and« Albagela », are also equipped special foods on demand, Banquet and concerts, and in the events organized by companies and institutions in the state

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