Consumers demand to announce the names of outlets and facilities that violated «added value»

“He supports the demands of consumers to announce the names of traders, businesses and outlets that raise prices at higher rates than tax, and to announce black lists of violators,” said Reda Mosallam, economic expert & partner manager of Truth Economic Consultancy. Said that “the tax system is a new thing on the financial and economic legislations in the country, and that the period of application produces some negative effects until discipline in the market.”

“These demands, if implemented, will make traders refrain from raising prices, because these lists affect their reputation, reveal their illegal actions, and make other traders think several times before raising prices illegally,” he added. “Some suppliers of goods, services, outlets and commercial companies took advantage of the tax for profit.”

He pointed out that this action by suppliers and traders will not last long, and its cessation is linked with the extent of consumer awareness and the review of prices in invoices and rates of tax calculation, and a decline in confidence in violators.

Penalties of violators

The economic expert, Reda Mosallam, called for intensifying the penalties of violators that are mentioned in the laws to reach confinement, pointing out that the leniency may lead to raise prices in larger percentages by various suppliers and outlets, as an opportunity to profit, considering that consumer actions by their side only will not be sufficient to deter traders without decisive action from the competent authorities.

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