Economists: the new system of visas enhances the competitive state globally and supports the knowledge economy

The new system enhances the competitive state visas globally and supports the knowledge economy

Posted: Friday, February 10, 2017
Bassam Abdel Samie (Abu Dhabi)
Confirmed economists, that the new visa regime, which was launched recently enhances competitive Emirates globally, and supports knowledge and economic diversification economy, increasing GDP, by increasing the efficiency of the health and education sectors and Entrepreneurship, pointing out that this system will lead to access to global rates in those sectors , it puts the UAE in the list of countries attractive for scientists and students, and adopt a global centers of scientific research.
Said Wadah Al Taha, a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Securities and Investment British in the UAE, «This approach is part of government policies to promote the knowledge economy, and increasing economic diversification and reduce dependence on oil», pointing out that the new system of visas to the UAE will contribute to the rise of Emirates centers advanced in competitiveness indicators, especially «INSEAD» index private attracting talent, where the UAE ranked 24th place among global talent attraction index for the year 2015-2016.

And targeting new system of visas, tourism, aviation, education and health sector sector, along with the relevant sector innovators and entrepreneurs, so as to enhance the efforts of the UAE to maintain regional leadership, and position in the global competitiveness ladder in tourism, economic and educational fields.
The project is based generally on the re-launch entry-developed formula related activities, tourism, educational, medical and creators, through classified and placed under Templates disparate groups with Bishop specific issue governed by the size of the property Jhh..oma operations devolves upon operations of the secretion of violators of the laws of permissions system and systems to enter and stay in the country on the other.
Add opportunities
Reda Mosallam general manager of Truth Economic Consultants, «The new visa regime is a new addition to GDP through the promotion of sectors covered by the system, which will lead to an increase of visitors to the State for the purpose of education, scientific research and movement therapy business».
He added: «The new system supports the creation of new investment opportunities in those sectors supporting sectors have, as requires the application to raise infrastructure with efficiency, both on the facilities or equipment and devices as well as human resources» level that visas for the educational sector requires the provision of scientific centers research allows scientists to produce innovators and their ideas, so as to attract scientists and students UAE and transform into a global center of scientific research and the quality of education.

Raise the quality of health care
For his part, Mustafa Zantout Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing and Communication Department at Global company pointed out that the new system of visas in the UAE contribute to raising the quality of health care and attract international hospitals, access to global rates of patient services, and with the expectations of the growth of the health sector in the GCC even 2020 at a rate of 12.5% ​​per annum. He reported that in spite of the increase in health care costs but it is still low compared to global levels, even though the average GDP per capita in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is higher than the world average, and almost equal with Almottagdmh..fima countries health care expenditures per capita, slightly higher much more than the global average of advanced economies and the lowest, including evidence of a large room for growth in the healthcare sector in the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC).
It is also expected to grow the size of the health care sector in the region to reach 90-130 billion US dollars in 2020, while remain the outlook positive for the sector, given the growing demand for health care services and, secondly, thanks to government efforts to promote health care through a combination of public and private initiatives .

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