Re-exports exceeded 125 billion dirhams

310 billion dirhams free trade zones in Dubai in 9 months
Date: January 09 2017
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Azad Aaho- Dubai
Him: Dubai has extensive experience and make more efforts to develop the legislative environment to support
Center for «DSC» data showed that the total trade volume of free zones in the emirate of Dubai, in the first nine months of last year, reaching 310 billion Darham., obtained «Emirates Today» a copy of it; the volume of trade in these areas during the first quarter of last year, to 109.1 billion dirhams, compared with 102.2 billion dirhams in the second quarter, while the trade volume in the third quarter to 98.7 billion Dirham. the total value of imports during the period between January and September last, to 175.6 billion dirhams , compared to 8.9 billion dirhams of exports, with a trade volume of re-exports Darham.aly 125.6 billion, the data showed that the total trade volume of customs warehouses, during the first nine months of last year, reaching 24.5 billion Dirham. his part, Director of the company said, « Truth »economic Consultancy, Dr. ٌReda Mosallam, said that« free trade zones in Dubai, and continued to grow during the past years, taking advantage of the facilities and incentives that Dubai provided to companies », pointing out« the great diversity in the nature of the free zones, and specialization in various business segments, what It gives companies and dealers more options to start their »He added Muslim to« free zones of Dubai became the focus of various regional and international companies Interestingly, over the past years, which is looking for its headquarters to serve regional and international markets », pointing out that« these areas today play a role whatever the GDP of the Emirate ».« Dubai has extensive and important experience in the field of free zones on a global level, and is making consistently more efforts to develop and modernize the various facilities, and finding necessary to support the business regulatory environment in these areas », adding that« emirate – which turned into a center for finance and business in the region – will continue to attract more companies looking for opportunities for them, taking advantage of the continuity of stimulus policies and attract more investments ». According to« Dubai development Corporation investment », currently there are 24 operating free zone, it has been created for specific sectors and industries, including information and communication technology sector, media, finance, and gold jewelry, and health care, and provides the emirate privileges and a number of investment incentives to foreign companies, including the opportunity to own property by 100% of the subsidiary companies, without the imposition of any taxes in this areas.

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