Decisions « Executive » enhance the development process in Abu Dhabi

Officials and experts : a real investment for the business sector
Bassam Abdel Samie (Abu Dhabi (
Officials and economists stressed that the adoption of the Abu Dhabi government AED 17.5 billion allocation for capital projects during 2016 in various government sectors of work, a real investment in front of the business sector to participate in the overall economic development, arguing that the infrastructure is the basis for development, and that without a well-developed infrastructure development can not be achieved.
They said «represent those decisions continuation Complementing the footsteps of Abu Dhabi towards strengthening infrastructure and consolidate the emirate, providing the investment environment and attract investment», noting that those decisions will provide high liquidity opportunities give the private sector to enter into real projects, most in the contracting and construction sector.

They pointed out that the adoption of such provisions is a practical response to what was raised on capital projects in the GCC countries affected, including the United Arab Emirates, about the decline or stop or slow down the pace of those projects, and reveals trends emirate to boost growth.
Fahad Al Raqbani, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development, said that the adoption of provisions for government capital projects confirms the continuation and completion of Abu Dhabi for its projects developmental serious and stable towards strengthening infrastructure steps, and check more confidence to investors, and progress development in various fields.
Promote the comprehensive development
He added, revealed that those decisions for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi thoughtfully past and reliably promote the comprehensive development, according to the plans and clear and consistent able to overcome obstacles and crises.
The Alragabani, infrastructure mega projects in Abu Dhabi contribute to the emirate’s economy competitive support, to turn into a regional and international center for business, explaining that it constitutes an effective engine of sustainable economic growth engines, including pours in achieving the Economic Vision 2030 goals.

He explained that the infrastructure development also includes other major projects, there is still work in progress on the implementation, most notably the construction of facilities of nuclear energy, and construction of the first railway line to link the emirate to the rest of the UAE and other Gulf countries at a later stage.
Giant projects
He pointed out that Abu Dhabi implements a giant infrastructure projects, topping out in the Middle East and North Africa until 2020, pointing out that these mega-projects contribute to make a quantum leap in infrastructure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to a new level, including the makings to be a key element of elements DC converter into a cosmopolitan city, has all the elements of the integrated global cities.
Positive development
In turn, he said Dr. Mohammed Alasumi economist », said that Abu Dhabi continues to implement development projects despite a drop in oil prices, suggesting a positive development contributes to the completion of many infrastructure and private new areas projects, stressing that infrastructure mega projects in Abu Dhabi contribute to support competitive economy of the emirate, to turn into a regional and international center for business.
He Alasumi, that the infrastructure projects the basis for development in any country, as it is an effective engine of sustainable economic growth engines, including pours in achieving economic vision goals in 2030, pointing out that Abu Dhabi completed the main parts of major projects put forward in the field of infrastructure, what a positive impact on attracting investment and contributes to the provision of investment opportunities for citizens and foreigners.
He explained that those decisions contribute to the revitalization of the non-oil sectors and promote development, and create suitable employment opportunities for investors, noting that strengthening the infrastructure
And development, to meet the growth requirements within them, and absorb the volume of ongoing transformations in the global economy.
He pointed out that the UAE has adopted the United Arab Emirates since its founding more than four continuous development of infrastructure to support the rapid growth of the policy of decades of hand, and the development of regional and global role in international trade.
He said Abu Dhabi has succeeded in exploiting oil revenues to establish a sophisticated infrastructure can rely on in future economic construction, the current infrastructure is available from which great potential not fully exploited, where the local private and foreign investments to take advantage of these energies and high-end services provided by the infrastructure facilities in the UAE, so as to enhance growth opportunities in the future.
New areas for investment
For his part, we support Muqbali member of the Chamber of Commerce pointed and Industry of Abu Dhabi that the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi decisions point to continued leadership in its ambitious plans to develop infrastructure and improve the standard of living, pointing out that the development of infrastructure enhances the transport and trade and provides new areas for investment.
He Muqbali, that Abu Dhabi has identified several pillars of the overall vision, guaranteeing to find an active and influential private sector, and the economy of a sustainable knowledge based, legislative and environment transparent and efficient and optimal use of the resources of the emirate and the education system, health care and infrastructure on a global level.
He said: implement the Emirate of Abu Dhabi these cornerstones through economic development and social and human resources and infrastructure development and preservation of the environment and promotion of government performance.
He stated that the development of infrastructure raises the level of services and facilities to transport and logistics networks of roads and bridges linking the level of all areas of the emirate in addition to existing projects, including electricity, water and power supply.
He noted that the advanced infrastructure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi contribute to the development of the economy and promote the emirate, noting that sustainable economic development need to be continuous processes for development in order to keep pace with the economic movement in the country and abroad.
In the same context, he pointed satisfaction Muslim economist, that the projects implemented by the government of Abu Dhabi in the infrastructure sector series generate investment opportunities for the business sector, which puts the decisions of the adoption of provisions for government capital projects in Abu Dhabi as a real investment for the business sector in the emirate.
Preparing for the post-oil
He pointed out that a Muslim construction sector has great confidence, and represents a real investment, and achieve high growth rate, as those decisions constitute attention citizen to provide a decent life.
He stated that the orientation of the development and enhancement of infrastructure, represents one of the most important forms of investing oil surpluses to diversify sources of income and to prepare for the post-oil, pointing out that the developmental experience in the UAE, a model based on the exploitation of oil revenues and employment to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development.
He concluded by saying, that the diversification of the economic base of Abu Dhabi’s strategy requires the support of Abu Dhabi’s economy competitive across a broader infrastructure development in the emirate, as this structure represents the most important component of the four main components of a competitive economy.
Contractors: Resolutions promote construction boom
Ahmed Abdulaziz (Abu Dhabi)
Real estate experts and managers and owners of construction companies and building and construction in Abu Dhabi, stressed the importance of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi decisions to adopt and implement a package of infrastructure, roads, services and housing citizens projects, pointing out that these decisions give a strong impetus to the various sectors of the economy in the cities of the emirate.
Experts described in a statement to «Union» decisions Baldafh to sectors of the economy, where the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, adopted at its meeting yesterday, the AED 17.5 billion allocation for capital projects during 2016 in various government sectors of employment, achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President – may God protect him – to make and harness all that would support the citizens in order to ensure stability and provide a decent life for them, including the allocation of AED 5.9 billion for housing, and 4.3 billion dirhams for infrastructure, 1.8 billion dirhams for the education sector, in addition to 614 million dirhams for utilities governmental organizations, and 644 million dirhams social facilities, and other provisions in a number of vital sectors, and enhances this dependence Abu Dhabi rally in the implementation of comprehensive plans to develop the system work in all government sectors in the emirate, and its vigorous leadership and excellence in support of achieving the goals of vision 2030.
Said Ahmed Khalaf Al Mazroui, President of the Contractors’ Association of Abu Dhabi branch «The announcement of this package of projects at this time leads to a market recovery and stimulates companies to compete to win the implementation of these projects, which includes the creation of new methods of housing projects and complexes housing Land». Al Mazroui added that the decision to support economic sectors beginning of the contracting and construction companies where she strategic projects at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and give the construction sector a strong boost, which dates back to the citizens of the owners of companies to ensure participation in the implementation of projects generate on their company’s financial liquidity.
He pointed out that the announcement of these projects, the timing is very good, as it includes the infrastructure, roads, cities and residential services business, all projects lead to move the market and increased competition among companies, pointing out that there is an impact, another social aspect, as the provision of appropriate housing complexes for citizens is a significant, positive impact on the tranquility to families and stability for the whole community.
And sees Ali al-Obeidi, head of Tower Company Country General Contracting, the owners of companies that have a history in the market to have a sense of stability, where they have projects working on its implementation, adding that the Executive Council’s resolutions is a great incentive for the various sectors of the economy, private contracting and construction and building materials, increased traffic employment and Iqbal companies on employment. Obeidi said «The projects approved by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which will lead to different economic activities associated with the move, either directly or indirectly, with the construction sector».
He added that these projects also attract investors, and business owners and companies from other emirates to share, as was the case in the housing exhibition earlier this week, pointing out that the companies that have 10 or more years in the market to have a balance of projects and good works, in addition to stabilizing the market in the UAE in The Emirate of Abu Dhabi in particular.
He said Mubarak Al Ameri real estate expert «The infrastructure projects to give a real boost to the economy of a private road projects, where it is one of the most important steps that increase investor appetite for the establishment of service projects in new areas which can be accessed through the road network.» He added that the decision was significant, as the projects included the Western Region and Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, which leads to run various sectors for the implementation of infrastructure works from road networks and extending facilities of water and electricity as well as integrated services.
He pointed out that the speed in the implementation of projects of the most important factors that lead to increased movement of economic activity and ensure continued growth, especially as projects large amounts and credits lead to a major infusion of cash for companies of all sizes, large, medium and small in various sectors and not just contracting.
Amiri pointed out that the decision came to confirm that the UAE market was fine, and that the decline in oil prices did not lead to a problem, but on the contrary, the decisions came at a time when dropped many of the building materials prices, and this is a good thing to reduce the cost and increase the competition between the companies.
And the market move to a state of recovery, Mohammed Faisal Sulaiman, Director General of Emirates supporting «Maltaoro said»: «The construction market was suffering over the last months of relative slowdown, however, that the declaration of the projects package, will bring recovery to the market again and strongly». He added that the market is a series of interconnected, as the rebound all sectors of services, restaurants, hotels and cafes, and increase the demand for labor and employment and all this movement pushing the economy turn to growth areas where companies reap the profits from the implementation of these projects.
He pointed out that these decisions will contribute to increased levels of liquidity for a large slice of the companies, as the construction sector is the second largest economic sector after oil, although the construction operations and construction, reconstruction and increase opportunities for companies to get profit, and reflected on the lives of citizens through the creation of new residential communities.

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