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Truth Economic & Management Consultancy is one of the most specialized companies in the field of economic studies, financial analysis, evaluation of new and existing projects and feasibility studies for many economic projects in the Gulf region. Truth always plays an important role in shaping the economic map and provide projects that represent real investment opportunities in the UAE and the GCC…

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Consumers in the UAE are more economical in spending after “Covid-19”

The economist and managing partner of Truth Economic & Management Consultancy, Reda Mosallam, said that the impact of “Covid-19”... read more

Safe insertion of financial surpluses into investment channels

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7 factors that enabled the UAE to achieve “zero poverty” among its citizens

The partner and general manager of the “Truth” economic and management consultancy, Reda Mosallam, said that the World Bank’s... read more

Experts: 6 main goals behind government mergers and acquisitions

On Abu Dhabi’s intention to merge two food and beverage companies, to establish a new national entity in this... read more

National companies overcome the repercussions of “Corona” with moderate profits

Reda Mosallam, partner and general manager of “Truth” for economic and management consultancy, affirmed that the direct reasons leading... read more

Money and business Economist Reda Muslim explains why Dubai is starting to reopen economic activities

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