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Truth Economic & Management Consultancy is one of the most specialized companies in the field of economic studies, financial analysis, evaluation of new and existing projects and feasibility studies for many economic projects in the Gulf region. Truth always plays an important role in shaping the economic map and provide projects that represent real investment opportunities in the UAE and the GCC…

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Experts and specialists of the al-Ittihad: The quality of infrastructure, the development of services and the ease of procedures are the main bases for the competitiveness of the state

“The UAE’s achievements in non-oil sector have revealed that the UAE is moving into a new stage of development... read more

12.3% of Abu Dhabi households spending Ramadan on food and beverages

“While the overall cost of housing in Abu Dhabi has dropped in the past 12 months, the cost of... read more

Liquid assets of banks at the Central Bank grow 2% to 301 billion

Reda Mosallam, the economic and financial expert, notes that the strong position of the banking sector in the UAE... read more

Experts call on banks to ease their tightening on lending

“The majority of the economic sectors in the country are in dire need of lending. The unprecedented increase in... read more

Economic expert, Reda Mosallam: Paths of global growth fall in front of the indebtedness of big countries

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TRUTH Economic and Management consultancy signed a joint venture agreement with Seoudi Investment Group SIG

On Monday, 05/11/2018. Mr. Amr Mosallam ,The Chief Executive Officer of Truth Economic & Management Consultancy has signed a... read more

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