A Road Map for Developing Local Financial Markets Until 2030

Financial expert Reda Mosallam, partner and general manager of the “Truth” Economic & Management Consultancy, said that the authority’s plan for the next 10 years must include how to manage markets during crises and ways to remedy and get rid of their damages and effects quickly, as the authority did during the “Corona” crisis, through a series of measures to deal with the effects of the crisis, pointing to the need to make quick decisions in times of crisis to control the balance of markets and protect the interests of investors.

Mosallam called for the necessity of encouraging family and private groups to convert into a public contribution and inclusion in the move that is of great importance in the march of corporate development and ensuring the smooth succession of generations in family groups, noting the great role that public offerings and inclusion play in creating value for companies, with what they provide of Benefits for companies seeking to implement growth and sustainability strategies.

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