January 2019

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Egypt, which is in a strategic position geographically, is the largest natural gas and oil producer in Africa. It is a highly attractive country regarding Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and its dynamic economic growth rate is high. 7% economic growth was realized before the global financial crisis. It attracts investors with its geographical location, qualified and low-cost labor force, energy resources and tourism potential.

 New Investment in Foreign Investment

Egypt, the first country in Africa’s FDI, is the leader in North Africa. Arab countries, US and EU countries are the countries where the investments are highest. The biggest investor is Great Leadership. Why should we invest in Egypt? What are the strengths of Egypt?

 Egypt’s Strengths for Foreign Investment

  • Rich in energy sources.
  • Geographically strategic location.
  • The growing population is an essential market for foreign investment.
  • Public construction projects are vital investment opportunities for foreign companies.
  • It is advantageous for FDI with state policy practices and liberalization steps.
  • Economic programs implemented after September 2004 attracted foreign investments.
  • Customs tariffs are simplified, attractive for FDI with a 35% discount.
  • Financial sectors are open to FDI and domestic investors.
  • Agriculture, industry, tourism, airlines, mining, maritime transport, oil drilling, road housing, and many other sectors.
  • Special legislation is applied in strategic sectors such as press, defense industry, and aviation.
  • Freedom of establishment of a foreign company is guaranteed.
  • Foreign companies may take over shares of domestic companies. More than 49% of a local bank capital can be acquired from the law no. 97/1996.

 What are the Investment Opportunities in Egypt ?

Investors are increasingly interested in Africa. Egypt is attractive for FDI in many sectors as Africa’s most famous foreign investment country. Investment Opportunities in Egypt are mainly from the construction industry, including the oil industry, tourism, mining, agriculture, industry, air and sea transport, accommodation, venture capital, computer and software development. The number of countries in which the bilateral contract is over 100. It has an agreement with the USA, the Middle East, and Asian countries and many African countries. Apart from military zones and the Sinai region, there is freedom to establish companies throughout Egypt. Investment Opportunities in Egypt continues with the announcement of the international tender tour in May 2016 for the Suez Bay and West Desert Project.

 Best Investment in Egypt

Offering a BRIC-style potential to surpass G20 countries, Egypt is a large market for FDI. Best Investment in Egypt has spread not only to a particular sector but also to many industries. Egypt, one of the most developed countries in Africa, offers highly attractive opportunities to foreign investors in the service and industry sector. The construction sector from the 1980s grew by 15%. Due to the rapid population growth, the need for increased housing needs and infrastructure projects is given. The growth in the construction sector is expected to increase by 70% by 2020.

As the largest oil producer in Africa, the agreements he made with foreign investors in oil and natural gas production exceeded 50 in 2013.

Having opened its doors to foreign investors through investment support offices, tenders and projects, Egypt has an essential place in the history of civilization with its 7000 years history. It is the shining star of Africa from FDI countries. The tourism sector in the coasts of the Red Sea, the construction sector, health, transportation, and the energy sector are the most popular investment areas.


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Internal Audit in UAE - Truth Economic

Internal Audit in UAE

Internal Audit in UAE By Truth Economic Consultancy

According to the World Economic Forum, the UAE ranked 27 in its latest World Competitiveness Report 2018, which uses a brand new methodology to fully capture the dynamics of economies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The UAE was rated the 17th most competitive economy last year as per previous methodology, which is equivalent to present ranking.It consists of 7 Emirates. It is highly developed regarding an ecosystem. To improve the internal audit firm’s work and to add value to the companies, the economy is done to control the compliance of the company management with the efficiency and efficiency principles. Internal audits are a service provided by consultant firms that offer risk and consultancy services.

Internal Audit in UAE How?

Internal audit by professional auditors is a process that creates long-term relationships with customers. For an efficient study, companies should regularly analyze internal audit processes. Within the scope of the project, inspections are routinely made, and control weaknesses are determined. Audit results are reported to the top management with an objective and objective approach. Risk and process methods are developed together with the company managers, and business-specific solutions are produced. It is a fact that there are gaps in expertise and resource use even in large investment organizations. Internal audit personnel is responsible for identifying the weaknesses and shortcomings in the company structure by working with the senior management. The Internal Audit team reviews operational and financial processes while examining internal controls in UAE.


Internal Audit Service in the UAE

Internal audits carried out with a very focused and strategic approach are useful in determining the critical and risk areas. It is essential that internal audits are carried out by experienced personnel. An experienced team of internal auditors of international enterprises, foreign affiliates, family businesses, and partnerships is required. Consultant firms are providing Internal Audit Service in the UAE; is professional in management and business performance, technological infrastructure, and experience.


The most critical points in an internal audit in uae are:

-Risk identification

-Risk assessment

-Risk management

Deficiencies and risk factors in the process are determined to increase the performance of the work. The internal auditor recommends concrete solutions to senior management. To improve the standard operating procedures and to increase efficiency, a joint study is carried out with senior management. The internal audits that add value to the business are the works that provide convenience to the company in obtaining many quality certificates. It contributes to the determination of the company’s deficiencies in the way of being a corporate company and working with maximum efficiency.


Internal Audit in UAE

Internal audit by an experienced and certified team includes models that can be easily adapted to the needs of companies. Internal audits play a significant role in the firm success and smooth operation of the enterprise. Risk assessment and management are among the first concerns for each company. Internal auditors address these concerns and provide objective support in design, implementation, and operation.

 The internal audit process in the UAE :-

-To advise the management to create a controlled environment

-To ensure effective and safe internal control

-To ensure that operational measures related to occupational safety are taken

-Linking risk management and actions to business goals

-To move from existing applications to more efficient business consciousness

-To emphasize the importance of staff training in the development of new skills.


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December 2018

Feasibility Study in UAE

Feasibility Study in UAE

Feasibility Study in UAE

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is connected to the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most preferred places for entrepreneurs in the world. However, a Feasibility Study in UAE  is essential to make the initiative successful. In this way, an investment can be provided to an area with more returns, where necessary, as needed. The feasibility studies provided by our company include Financial studies, Technical studies, and market research Studies that will enable entrepreneurs to be successful.

The Importance of Feasibility Studies in UAE

The United Arab Emirates, which ranks first among the richest countries in the world, is known for its activities in many sectors. The share of external investments in the region is also quite large. A feasibility study in this region, reviewing the situation of the markets before the realization of the investment, is worthwhile to carry out a detailed market review in line with the country’s economic activities. In particular, entrepreneurs who have only been to touristic purposes, even if they have never been or have gone to the country. will be able to get to know the country better through these feasibility studies  Apart from this, entrepreneurs who have already engaged in various commercial activities in this country are also benefiting from the constantly changing market conditions n the feasibility study services offered by our company, I the current conditions of the country are evaluated in the finest detail and appropriate information is provided to you

How to Make the Most Efficient Feasibility Study in UAE ?

The feasibility study in UAE is prepared as a result of extensive research in the technical sense. In other words, doing a feasibility study for an investment or undertaking means investigating how much work can be done When starting this study, first of all, it should be investigated which sector to be active. The sectors with the highest yields in this region, the market share of these sectors to investigate the proportion of the new work is done in order to avoid bad surprises. Our company which shares the experiences of years with you opens the doors of the most profitable enterprises with the feasibility studies it provides. Accordingly, the market review section of the study constitutes a summary of the subject and then it is necessary to investigate the legal procedures applied in the country in order to provide activities in this sector. After this, the economic, technical and organizational aspects of the work planned to be done are evaluated and if this work is established all the pros and cons of entrepreneurs are evaluated.

What are the benefits of consulting and feasibility study in UAE ?

To ensure the strong investment of the business world, to grow and to develop, first of all, these investments need to be built on solid foundations When it comes to a new business and, in particular, an initiative in a foreign country, it is even more important to plan it together with all its details. The feasibility studies that we provide to you with our expert team and the reports prepared in line with this are a summary of all the initiative activities you are planning to do in a world giant like UAE. It is proven by researchers that the initiatives carried out without adequate research and planning in any sector have not made much progress. It is also an important act to be aware of the legal requirements that are being implemented in this area, even if international entrepreneurial activities are built on successful plans. You can get in touch with us to learn more about this topic and to implement your entrepreneurial ideas successfully.


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Mergers and Acquisitions in UAE

Mergers and Acquisitions in UAE

Mergers and Acquisitions in UAE

Having become a strong trading center and has a wealth of resources, UAE ranks first in the regions where investors.are most interested. There are different methods to establish a company in this region. One of these methods is the way of merger or acquisition. In order to have detailed information on the subject, our company provides consultancy services and answers all your questions about mergers and acquisitions in UAE and helps you make conscious initiatives.

Ways of Setting Up a Company in UAE

You are free to start a company in UAE and have a chance to open a company on your behalf. The state supports the formation of foreign capital companies in the free zone by identifying some special regions for this purpose. However, those who want to take less risk for the new venture should also know that there are many companies with high acceleration, offering services in many different sectors Investments can also be realized by being a partner with these companies or by taking over the companies that have been transferred. But in order to achieve this, some of the procedures required by the country must be met. The consultancy services provided by our company provide detailed information about companies that can be transferred or partnered in Abu Dhabi and the necessary legal information and transactions  are made in this process

Legal Procedure on Merger or Acquisition in UAE

The labor law in the United Arab Emirates is in accordance with the provisions of the laws prepared in 1980. Accordingly. Accordingly, there is a partnership condition in companies to be established in regions outside the free zones. Or companies can be merged with other companies in the region to grow. In addition, there is a requirement that people who are not citizens of the United Arab Emirates should appoint a distributor or a commercial agent to sell and market in the domestic market. The issue is that mergers and acquisitions in UAE are carried out by all procedures. Company acquisitions in the country also have a certain procedure. Accordingly, it is necessary to apply to the relevant authorities Furthermore, it is important that the application made is accurate and that the documents belonging to the person who wants to take over the company are fully communicated to these authorities. Those who are accepted as investors in the region will be entitled to a commercial visa valid for 3 years and an identity document for the United Arab Emirates and may start to operate their new company

The Importance of Consultancy Service in UAE for Mergers and Acquisitions :

The advancement of this process by providing consultancy services in order for investors to proceed faster. and smoothly will provide great convenience The services provided by our company are realized under the leadership of a professional and experienced team. Even a small mistake in mergers or acquisitions may cause the process to prolong or unexpectedly reject your application. It is an important criterion for everything to be done properly in order to have a business in a region with high economic power. such as the United Arab Emirates. First of all, it is a part of this consultancy service that you know what work areas in the country have a bigger market and then you can find the companies that can be owned by mergers or acquisitions Then, the process is supported by preparing your documents and making the application perfectly within the specified time. Please contact us for more detailed information on Mergers and Acquisitions in UAE.


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November 2018

Starting a Business in UAE

Starting a Business in UAE

Starting a Business in UAE

The idea of starting a business in UAE which is one of the most colorful investment areas of the world, has become a topic that many entrepreneurs have been interested in recently. The strong economic conditions of the country, the mobility in many sectors and the good flow of tourists make the region an entrepreneurial paradise. However, before undertaking any initiative here, it is necessary to carefully examine the legal procedures offered by the country and to know what should not be ignored in these processes?

The Process of Starting a Business in UAE

abu Dhabi .one of the most important economic regions of the United Arab Emirates is known as the center of significant investments in tourism and petroleum products.  Entrepreneurs who want to invest in this area in the country are supported by the state. In addition to these sectors, the construction sector has shown a significant breakthrough in recent years. In addition, the food sector, which is an important production area in almost all countries, is among the working areas of Abu Dhabi for those who wish to engage in venture activities. In order to open a business in these sectors, the licenses issued by the country must be obtained. These licenses can be issued for a single sector or, if desired, can be taken as multiple licenses, allowing an entrepreneur to offer more than one activity. Licenses granted in the process of setting up a company in the country are classified with titles such as industrial licenses, trade licenses, and service sector languages.  In order to apply for these licenses, obtaining a professional consulting service helps the process to progress faster and more seamlessly.  The most accurate and serious studies are provided to follow the process and fulfill the requirements of the consultancy services provided by our company on this subject.

Getting a Company License in UAE

There are some free zones shown by the state in the setting up of a company with foreign capital in the country. When you apply for a company, the government will show you the regions that are most suitable for your business. You may be entitled to a license according to the selection you make from these regions. Upon completion of the licensing procedures, the newly set up company must be registered in the relevant industry and commerce chambers of the country. After that, the company is officially set up and can start its activities. However, in order to be able to obtain this license, it is necessary to perform a rigorous study on a number of subjects and to make an application without error. Otherwise, once the application is rejected because of the wrong or incomplete application, to be able to apply again and to get approval causes the process to prolong.

Important Things to Set Up a Company in UAE

In order to Starting a Business in UAE , it is necessary to prepare the application file in full. In this file, all documents related to the company which is wanted to be set up are prepared as required and delivered to the specified authorities within the specified time. The consultancy services we offer to ensure that all these processes are carried out in a perfect way are of great value for you to realize your business ideas successfully. After the process of starting a business in UAE ,  enterprises are offered some incentives by the state. In our company’s work,  we are able to inform you about this issue in the most correct way and to apply easily to government incentives. You can contact us for more information.


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Corporate Governance in UAE

Corporate Governance in UAE

Corporate Governance in UAE

The way to have a large and successful business is through the successful delivery of corporate governance in UAE This fact is especially important for companies established abroad. Adopting a corporate governance system requires a broad knowledge of this subject. The consultancy services offered by our company help companies established abroad and especially in a moving area like UAE to take firm steps towards institutionalization.

The Importance of Corporate Governance in UAE

In recent years, UAE has become a region where our country’s businessmen and entrepreneurs are particularly interested. The economy, which has a high volume in the region, encourages investments in this field. The oil industry and tourism areas in the country have a very important business volume. Apart from this, the service sector is also making great moves in the food sector. It is also known that there are many companies established in these areas and a naturally competitive environment formed among them. To be successful in this competitive environment depends primarily on the institutionalization of the company.and its progress in this way. institutionalization is the progression of companies from a line that is determined independently of the people who lead them. In other words, it is the key to the success of the enterprises today that people who have a say in the method have to put aside their personal views and management styles and make modern and contemporary initiatives necessary for the development of the company. In order to achieve this, the benefits of counseling on the issue are indisputably important

Advantages of Consulting in Corporate Governance in UAE :

The aim of corporate governance consulting services provided by our company in UAE is to increase the volume of the companies established in the UAE region by our country’s entrepreneurs in order to achieve success. Corporate management techniques, companies’ growth rate, capital, marketing volume, such as examining the special circumstances of the eye, in line with these companies ensure that they maintain their standing and development. Corporate governance is a company-specific management method. Each company moves in different lines. Therefore, the management policy to be applied in companies must be determined specifically for the company. The determined form of management includes the rules to be followed by all company executives. This is especially important for companies with a large number of people on the board of directors to take a common decision. The consultancy services provided help to determine the compromise between. the managers and the management tactics for the needs of the company. In AUE, corporate governance consultancy, which is provided by our company, a team with significant experience has been working in the field for many years.

How to Give Consultancy Services in Corporate Governance in UAE ?

The purpose of the consultancy service provided by our company is to implement the management style needed to help companies grow in a controlled and planned manner. In the name of this, the general situation of the company established is reviewed. In other words, a detailed report on the company’s capital, sales and marketing graph, business volume and even the company employees and the duties of these persons is made, and a report is prepared. This report is the most objective source of the company’s general situation This report is then presented to managers and a management strategy is determined. If you would like to get more detailed information about the subject, you can communicate with us and take an effective step to achieve your initiatives.


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UAE Business Consultancy

UAE Business Consultancy

UAE Business Consultancy

Engaging in venture activities abroad is accepted as one of the most profitable investments of our time.

UAE is a country with a high growth rate. And the wide range of economic conditions of this country adorns the dreams of many entrepreneurs.

However, getting the help of a professional consultancy service on this issue is the right step for the success of these investments.

Our company, which is one of the most comprehensive UAE business consultancy firms in this field, makes your dreams come true with its elite and experienced team.

Why Should Take A UAE business consultancy to Invest in UAE?

In UAE there is a city that accepts foreign investments in quite different sectors.

And to ensure the success of the venture activities in the country, these activities must be carried out in a conscious manner.

First of all, the preparation of a detailed feasibility report for the successful implementation of an enterprise idea is the most important work for the establishment of a new foundation.

In other words, it should be known for an entrepreneur to examine all the details of the subjects such as how much of the work done in the field, how much a company can be established with the current capital, the new company can make more moves in the first place.

In addition, the legal procedure on the subject should be known when it is necessary to establish a company and the applications must be carried out under this procedure.

The consultancy services provided by our UAE business consultancy company include the necessary studies to conduct feasibility studies and to evaluate the legal process correctly.

Assessment of the Legal Process to Establish a Company in UAE :

Each country’s legal process for the evaluation of foreign capitals includes different practices. In Abu Dhabi, there are free zones for foreign entrepreneurs to establish a company.

It is important to know what kind of activities are applied in these regions and which ones are more profitable.

Both for the success of the company to be established in the future and for the quick realization of the business idea.

Besides that, it is worthwhile to prepare the documents requested during the application and to present them without error in the given legal period.

In the consultancy service carried out by UAE business consultancy company, it is ensured that this process is evaluated in the required manner and applications are made in accordance with the required criteria.

In this way, without leaving a chance for your business, you can make the investment you dream of the shortest way and you can open your company smoothly.

What to Consider While Setting Up a Business in UAE?

In order to be able to start working activities in designated areas at the points determined in this region, it is necessary to have a legal license in the name of United Arab Emirates.

To make this license easier, it is useful to apply to some sectors that the country especially supports. The tourism sector is one of the leading ones.

The tourism sector, which is one of the most important livelihoods of this country where many tourists come every year is supported and some government incentives are offered to the entrepreneurs who want to invest in this area.

Apart from the tourism sector, the petroleum products sector is also the cornerstone of the national economy.

All Economic sectors and the businesses that operate in various fields in the service sector are easily licensed by the country.

It is important to know them before applying for any investment in this country. In the works provided by our company, both the application process and the application process are followed in detail.


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