Coordination & Integration Between Real Estate Projects

The General Manager of Truth Economic & Management Consultancy, Reda Mosallam, called for supporting the growth in the various sectors related to the real estate sector. Growth in these sectors supports growth in the real estate sector.

He called for attention to diversify in different products in the real estate sector, to attract buyers from different categories, with no focus on the residential sector and office and commercial space for only one category, but for different categories.

He considers that providing real estate market data to developers is very important, as it helps developers to identify market needs and choose a real estate product.

He pointed out that the growth of the real estate sector should be slowed down for a certain period in order to absorb the surplus units and determine the trends of the real estate sector in the future. Pointing out that the past period has witnessed a large and unaccounted for expansion in the sector on the basis of high return.

He indicate the importance of the UAE economy and its uniqueness across the Gulf region, in terms of its dependence on many sectors of growth, not one sector, including oil and gas, tourism, real estate, retail, re-export, infrastructure, and others.

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