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Expo Dubai 2020. Opportunities to Attract More Investors

Reda Mosallam, Economist, Partner, and General Manager of Truth Economic Consulting said that all companies in the world will benefit from participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, especially European countries, which will allow the exhibition to display their products, innovations, and progress in various sectors.

The economist pointed out that European countries are taking advantage of Expo 2020 Dubai as an opportunity to bring together all the world’s companies in various sectors in the presence of producers and investors to show the extent of the development of their companies’ products and the science they have reached in all sectors, which supports the establishment of long-term joint partnerships and contracts.

Mosallam stated that the European countries will be in a race to impress the world and attract the largest number of investments from all over the world, and they will compete to show the progress of their companies in ways and methods of production and the quality of goods, and the exhibition will provide them with more opportunities to attract more investors wishing to invest in Prominent companies owning modern technologies.

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