Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Investment Opportunities in Egypt

Egypt, which is in a strategic position geographically, is the largest natural gas and oil producer in Africa. It is a highly attractive country regarding Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and its dynamic economic growth rate is high. 7% economic growth was realized before the global financial crisis. It attracts investors with its geographical location, qualified and low-cost labor force, energy resources and tourism potential.

 New Investment in Foreign Investment

Egypt, the first country in Africa’s FDI, is the leader in North Africa. Arab countries, US and EU countries are the countries where the investments are highest. The biggest investor is Great Leadership. Why should we invest in Egypt? What are the strengths of Egypt?

 Egypt’s Strengths for Foreign Investment

  • Rich in energy sources.
  • Geographically strategic location.
  • The growing population is an essential market for foreign investment.
  • Public construction projects are vital investment opportunities for foreign companies.
  • It is advantageous for FDI with state policy practices and liberalization steps.
  • Economic programs implemented after September 2004 attracted foreign investments.
  • Customs tariffs are simplified, attractive for FDI with a 35% discount.
  • Financial sectors are open to FDI and domestic investors.
  • Agriculture, industry, tourism, airlines, mining, maritime transport, oil drilling, road housing, and many other sectors.
  • Special legislation is applied in strategic sectors such as press, defense industry, and aviation.
  • Freedom of establishment of a foreign company is guaranteed.
  • Foreign companies may take over shares of domestic companies. More than 49% of a local bank capital can be acquired from the law no. 97/1996.

 What are the Investment Opportunities in Egypt ?

Investors are increasingly interested in Africa. Egypt is attractive for FDI in many sectors as Africa’s most famous foreign investment country. Investment Opportunities in Egypt are mainly from the construction industry, including the oil industry, tourism, mining, agriculture, industry, air and sea transport, accommodation, venture capital, computer and software development. The number of countries in which the bilateral contract is over 100. It has an agreement with the USA, the Middle East, and Asian countries and many African countries. Apart from military zones and the Sinai region, there is freedom to establish companies throughout Egypt. Investment Opportunities in Egypt continues with the announcement of the international tender tour in May 2016 for the Suez Bay and West Desert Project.

 Best Investment in Egypt

Offering a BRIC-style potential to surpass G20 countries, Egypt is a large market for FDI. Best Investment in Egypt has spread not only to a particular sector but also to many industries. Egypt, one of the most developed countries in Africa, offers highly attractive opportunities to foreign investors in the service and industry sector. The construction sector from the 1980s grew by 15%. Due to the rapid population growth, the need for increased housing needs and infrastructure projects is given. The growth in the construction sector is expected to increase by 70% by 2020.

As the largest oil producer in Africa, the agreements he made with foreign investors in oil and natural gas production exceeded 50 in 2013.

Having opened its doors to foreign investors through investment support offices, tenders and projects, Egypt has an essential place in the history of civilization with its 7000 years history. It is the shining star of Africa from FDI countries. The tourism sector in the coasts of the Red Sea, the construction sector, health, transportation, and the energy sector are the most popular investment areas.


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