liberalizing foreign ownership

Liberalizing Foreign Ownership Attracts New Investments

The partner economist and general manager of Truth Economic Consultancy, Reda Mosallam, said that the decision to own foreigners will reflect on the improvement of the investment climate in general and is an important step in liberalizing the national economy.

Mosallam indicated that the decision will be positively reflected, especially at the level of financial markets, which can contribute to their promotion from emerging to advanced markets, with the liberalization of restrictions on foreign investment, which was considered a major requirement in the promotion of markets.

Mosallam pointed out that the decision will contribute to an increase in the flow of foreign investment, with the removal of previous restrictions that was suffering from, with the necessity of having a local partner in investment.

He stated that the decision will add to the privileges enjoyed by the UAE, foremost of which is security and political stability, the stability of the local currency exchange rate, the rise of foreign reserves and the stability of inflation levels within safe limits.

Mosallam pointed to the quality of the infrastructure that the UAE enjoys, including advanced sea and air ports, a strong banking sector and digital technology, which makes it a qualified country to be an incubator for global foreign investment looking for a safe haven.

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