Liquid assets of banks at the Central Bank grow 2% to 301 billion

Reda Mosallam, the economic and financial expert, notes that the strong position of the banking sector in the UAE reveals the distinguished supervisory role of the central bank. For years, it has implemented an effective preventive policy that does not allow banks to operate as it did during the years of the global financial crisis – 2008. Without a doubt, just increasing the liquidity and availability of banks is very important and the central bank urges banks to increase safe lending as well as increase their public allocations, which is much better for both big and small banks.

He sees that the small banks in the country need to merge and create giant banking entities to strengthen competition in the market in addition to increasing the solvency of the banking sector as a whole to be able to cope with the challenges faced by banking in the state and the region,Which calls for a strong tendency to merge, because of the many benefits to the banking sector.

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