Mergers and acquisitions Steps

Mergers and acquisitions Steps


Mergers and acquisitions have become an important business strategy for companies looking to
expand into new markets, gain a competitive edge, or acquire new technologies and skill sets.
Decisions on mergers and acquisitions are taken after considering a few facts like the current
business status of the companies, the present market scenario, and the threats and opportunities
etc. In fact, the success of mergers and acquisitions largely depend upon the merger and
acquisition strategies adopted by the organizations.

The Ideal Steps for Mergers and Acquisitions.
1. Acquisition Strategy.

2. Acquisition Criteria.
3. Searching for Target.
4. Acquisition Planning.
5. Valuing and Evaluating.
6. Negotiation.
7. Due Diligence.
8. Purchase and sales Contract.
9. Financing.
10. Implementation.
The Importance of Consultancy Service in UAE for
Mergers and Acquisitions :
The advancement of this process by providing consultancy services in order for investors to proceed
faster. and smoothly will provide great convenience The services provided by our company
are realized under the leadership of a professional and experienced team. Even a small mistake in
mergers or acquisitions may cause the process to prolong or unexpectedly reject your application. It
is an important criterion for everything to be done properly in order to have a business in a region
with high economic power. such as the United Arab Emirates. First of all, it is a part of this
consultancy service that you know what work areas in the country have a bigger market and then
you can find the companies that can be owned by mergers or acquisitions Then, the process is
supported by preparing your documents and making the application perfectly within the specified

Truth Economic succeed in the merging process of an existing companies according to the following:
 Federal Law No. (2) of 2015 in Commercial Companies.
 The requirements of the Securities and Commodities Authority.
 The requirements of the Ministry of Economy.
 UAE Central Bank requirements

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