Financial Facilities

Truth provides its wide experiences and relations with the commercial, Islamic, and specialized banks in the UAE to procure the money needed by the investor to complete the total amount of the money invested in the project under the best conditions at the least financial costs (the interest rate, grace period, and payment), pursuant to the applicable policies, the regulating laws issued by the Central Bank of the UAE.


Truth Economic Consultancy provides its prequalification and relations with the commercial, Islamic, and specialized banks (the industrial bank – the real estate bank – Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme – Khalifa Fund for Enterprise) in the UAE to help investors in the banking negotiations to reach the best conditions for having banking facilities in terms of:

  • The term of facilities and grace period.
  • The banking guarantees.
  • The interest rate (Murabaha)

Truth provides its experiences and relations to procure the necessary money outside the banking sector through its relations with the local and Arab financial funds and foundations. This is in addition to procuring money through strategic partners.

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