Appraisal Services or Valuation Consultancy in the UAE

Company Appraisal Services in UAE ; the net value of the companies, the corrected value, the company’s net market value, change value, profit multiplier, discounted cash flows and different methods evaluate the company’s remaining value. It is a service provided by the companies performing Appraisal Services or Valuation Consultancy in the UAE.

Methods of Valuation Consultancy in UAE

In the UAE, the evaluation of the companies and the certification of technical or financial evaluation results are accredited and certified. These services Appraisal Services or Valuation Consultancy in UAE. Many valuation methods are used in the company and share evaluation. These methods are international and useful in estimating the assets and value of the company.


1- Valuation Method with Net Value

This method means the net wealth of the company owners. In other words, it is the net value after deducting the company’s liabilities and liabilities regarding accounting. Because it is based on the cost of assets, it ignores the real value. It does not take into account price and inflation changes and future growth potential of the company.


2- Assessment with Adjusted Value

The asset value of the Company is made by taking into consideration the annual inflation and the prices at the date of purchase. Thus, the company value is updated and updated. The net worth of the rights of the shareholders is also calculated by this method. The fault of the technique is that it does not consider the aging of the machinery and equipment taken over the years. It is not objective according to many valuation methods. It also does not recognize the future growth potential of the company.


3- Valuation Method with Replacement Value

It is the method in which the company under consideration is calculated for the cost of establishing a company with the same characteristics. The assumption that this method is based on is not objective when looking at the features of public sector companies. Valuation estimates can be remote because it is difficult to re-establish companies with the same features. It is also a method that ignores the growth potential of the company.


4- Discounted Cash Flow Form and Evaluation Method

It is the most widely used valuation method. It shows how long the company can survive financially. This period may exceed ten years depending on productivity and productivity. The results of the evaluation are realistic as the financial situation of the company, borrowing and interest rates, financial resources, cost and business risks are taken into consideration. It is a method preferred by companies offering Appraisal Consultancy services in UAE.


5- Valuation Method with Profit Multiplier

In this method, it is examined whether the share of the shares in the company performs the expected share transformation within a year. It is a valuation method based on the anticipated return within a year.


6- Company’s Net Market Value and Valuation Method

There is a valuation for liquidation rather than re-establishment. Therefore, the license ignores many costs such as company construction and feasibility and does not consider the replacement value.


7- Valuation Method of the Company with Remaining Value

The Valuation Consultancy personnel makes the remaining value of the Company in the last year of the valuation period in the UAE.


The valuation report is prepared within the time determined by the analyst.

Appraisal Services in UAE stages :-

  • Planning and preparation
  • Making corrections in financial statements
  • Selection of the valuation method to be used
  • Application of the selected method
  • It is in the form of a conclusion.


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