The green economy … the UAE’s weapon in the face of climate change

Reda Mosallam, Director of the “Truth” Economic Consultancy Company, confirmed that the UAE, since its inception, has paid special attention to preserving the climate, and this is evident in the sincere efforts made by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, founder of the UAE, from In order to preserve the environment within the country, as it was alerted quickly to the issue of the environment being affected by climate change, pointing out that the developed countries are the main causes in this change, through the unprecedented and unexpected industrial development, growth rates and population increase, in the emission of millions of tons of polluting carbon dioxide for air quality.

He stated that as a result of irresponsible human behavior, this was reflected in the deterioration of the environment and the climate at the same time, as the components of the environment are now suffering from the effects of climate change represented by high temperatures and high water levels, which cast a negative shadow on the decrease in natural food security, air quality and composition, Where harmful carbon dioxide has become prevalent in it, referring to the expectations of scientists and experts confirming that if human behavior continues at the same pace, all of humanity will be affected by severe impacts that will affect the various sectors that they deal with on a daily basis, such as health, economy, food and others.

He stressed that those in charge of decision-making in the Emirates at the present time are still continuing to make more efforts to preserve the local environment by mitigating the effects of climate change, through insistence and emphasis on the need for international cooperation and international participation in preserving the climate and not spoiling the international environment. And finding real solutions to meet them even if huge sums of money are spent protecting people.

Reda Mosallam pointed out that as part of its efforts to persuade some countries to join the international forum on climate change, the best evidence of this is the international consensus that shows that the UAE was and still is one of the bright and positive signs and is seen as a unique model in this forum and to be emulated, and as a result of its keenness to preserve In light of its local environment and limited climate framework, it plays a pivotal role in the real contribution to the preservation of the global climate by providing assistance and support to international organizations specialized in this regard, and it is generous in this field, as the UAE spares no effort related to its neighboring countries, regional countries in the Middle East and other countries in the world.

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