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Private Sector in the UAE. Facilities to Atract Investors

The partner and general manager of Truth Economic & Management Consultancy, Reda Mosallam, said that the UAE, since its inception, has always supported its youth and those who are about to work through two main axes; The first is to rehabilitate young people in all ways that include raising their awareness, raising their mental efficiency and taking care of their physical fitness, and the second is providing the necessary means of science and knowledge by providing all facilities and grants to reach their young people to high levels of science.

Mosallam pointed out that the state cares about young people at the scientific, physical, and psychological levels, which is what many countries lack.

Reda Muslim explained that the labor market is largely based on the private sector, which represents about 95% of the labor market, stressing that the private sector considers the future of the labor market, which prompted the government to encourage young people to work in it.

The General Manager of Truth pointed out that the private sector in the UAE is very competitive and highly qualified from various countries, as it is characterized by relatively low salaries, which prompted the government to provide many advantages and incentives to be able to encourage them to work in the private sector.

Reda Mosallam continued: “The benefits offered by the government encourage young people to work in a highly competitive sector that requires more effort and time, and rehabilitates them psychologically and scientifically to withstand the difficulties of working in the private sector, in addition to bearing a large part of the difference between their salaries and the wages of their peers in the government sector for a certain period until they are able to excel and develop in the sector.”

Reda Mosallam stressed that the psychological, scientific, and material support that the UAE is making in this sector by pumping billions of dirhams in order to achieve its goal, which many countries are unable to implement.

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