Doing Business in the UAE. Business Laws and Ease of Procedures

Reda Mosallam, an economist and general manager of “Truth” economic and management consultancy company, confirmed that the factor of laws and ease of procedures got the highest percentage in a survey because it concerns many businessmen, for example, if a person wants to extract a license that can be extracted within a few hours, the UAE It deals intelligently in this aspect to attract businessmen.

He explained that the four factors make the UAE the best environment for business, there is a lifestyle, or new laws and legislation, then infrastructure and digitization, in addition to the lack of taxes.

He pointed out that the UAE adopts a free economy system, and the most important characteristic of it is an easy lifestyle and doing business without harassment, and whoever works in the country’s investment climate enjoys complete freedom.

He added that the UAE is very advanced regarding the factor of laws and ease of procedures, and I believe that it is the first country in the world in this aspect, pointing out that the factor of infrastructure and digitization is very important as well, and the UAE occupies an advanced position in this, as there are modern and organized road projects and advanced traffic laws, and ease Moving on roads and linking them with industrial areas, ports and airports.

As well as warehouses and logistic areas, they are all factors provided by the state. As for digitization, there is something new every day, even in renewing licenses with ease and through mobile phones with easy procedures.

Mosallam explained that the UAE is free of tax legislation, and there is no specific authority to hold businessmen accountable for public income, for example, as happens in many countries, and this facilitates business, and contributes to making the UAE an attractive environment for investments.

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