UAE is the best in the competitiveness index due to its policies that support investment

The Managing Partner of the “Truth” economic and management consultancy, Reda Mosallam, said that these ratings confirm the country’s progress in providing services to investors quickly and with incentives that are not comparable regionally and make it one of the competitors globally, noting that this classification was obtained by the state because of the infrastructure through which it can keep pace. With all the variables.

He pointed out that the country’s possession of strong infrastructure that includes a diverse transport network that includes the largest airlines in the Middle East and the world, as well as ports of the largest size, and easy-to-implement legislation and procedures that enhance the activity of the import and export movement in the country and will attract more investors and traders around the world to the country.

He pointed out that digital transformation, quick and easy travel procedures, the availability of health and technological infrastructure, a stable currency, security, and safety are among the advantages that will push the country to compete with the countries of the world for the first ranks in the competitiveness index during the next year.

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