Expected activity for acquisitions and mergers after Coronavirus

Reda Mosallam, partner and general manager of Truth Economic and Management Consultancy L.L.C, said that the conditions the world is witnessing due to the Coronavirus will create millions of investment opportunities through mergers and acquisitions, especially since many companies suffer from difficult financial conditions.

Mosallam added that Emirati companies with the good financial position and strong solvency will be eligible to seize these opportunities amid expectations of their acquisition and perhaps merger with the aim of strengthening and unifying efforts, indicating that the current time is a good opportunity to study the situation and waiting until the epidemic recedes and eliminates it and then start seizing opportunities.

Mosallam stated that the global economy will not return as it was after the elimination of the Coronavirus, as the mechanisms of the engines of the economy and consequently the regional economies will change, as will the work of the international private funds and organizations specialized in developing the principles of the market mechanism of all kinds.

Mosallam believes that recovery from the effects of corona will take not a little time and that the world will take a long time, in addition to the lessons learned from that grinding crisis that will take a long time to benefit from it and develop solutions for it.

The General Manager of “Truth” company expected a real emergence of specialized funds in the coming period to support and strengthen the economic sectors directed to them, in addition to the expected activity of acquisitions and mergers of local, regional and international economic entities (companies, institutions, and bodies) to restore activity and vitality in those economic entities.

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