Experts for the “Alittihad newspaper” on the Peace and Friendship Agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia: Development implications and huge economic opportunities for reconciliation

“The results of the reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea in terms of economic and trade will exceed the two countries to the Horn of Africa and the Nile Basin, where this region is an economic target for many countries,” said economic expert Reda Mosallam, adding that the economic cooperation between the two sides, and the exploitation of the Eritrean port of Assab on the Red Sea will contribute to the support of the Ethiopian economy.

“Ethiopia is an important player in the Horn of Africa,” he said. “Through its new policies led by Abe Ahmed, it is trying to send a message to the international community that it is waiting for support to gain economic and political power to become a partner for the world and to have an influential future in the Horn of Africa.

On the other hand, by virtue of its strategic location on the Red Sea and its proximity to the strategic Bab Al Mandab strategic waterway connecting the three continents Africa, Asia and Europe, Eritrea has been an open commercial area for trade and economic relations between different countries. He explained that the strategic location of Eritrea, qualify it to be as a bridge for trade between the countries of Central and East Africa and the Middle East, and has a coastline of more than 1000 kilometers on the Red Sea and two main ports are Massawa and Assab, in addition to 126 islands on the Red Sea, The site of Eritrea, close to the Arabian Gulf region, has an opportunity to export its agricultural and animal products.

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