Qatar Airways will suffer from US sanctions on Iran

Economic expert Dr. Reda Mosallam said that Qatar will suffer greatly from the sanctions imposed by the United States of America on Iran, which will enter the second phase of its implementation next month. Dr. Reda Mosallam said in an exclusive statement to Al-Ittihad that among those who will be strongly affected by these sanctions is Qatar Airways, pointing out that the successive statements from Qatar Airways officials and the latest on Monday evening about Qatar Airways being not affected by these sanctions, But an attempt to send messages of reassurance only until the search for airspace other than the Iranian sphere after it was the last resort.

He pointed out in this regard that the Iranian airspace will also be subject to sanctions, and that they (i.e. sanctions) are clear and will affect all forms of dealing with Iran in the area of goods, services and economic transactions, citing the withdrawal of European companies from Iran despite the loss of contracts, but its withdrawal was a flight from sanctions and Will not be borne by any entity. “The next step for Qatar Airways is to look for and rely on other airfields that will be very expensive,” Mosallam said.

Qatar Airways chief executive Officer said on Monday that US sanctions on Iran would not affect Qatar Airways’ flights to Iran in any way. Qatar Airways flies to the cities of Mashhad, Shiraz and Tehran, according to its website.

Qatar Airways is facing financial difficulties as the boycott of Qatar by the four anti-terrorism countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, continues on June 5, 2017, due to the support of the Qatari terror system and closer ties with Iran. Qatar Airways has already announced a loss of 252 million riyals ($ 69 million) for the year ended March 31, recognizing that the loss was the result of the Arab boycott, stressing that the last year was the most difficult for the past 20 years.

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