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merger and acquisition process

Mergers and Acquisitions in UAE

Having become a strong trading center and has a wealth of resources, UAE ranks first in the regions where investors.are most interested. There are different methods to establish a company in this region. One of these methods is the way of merger or acquisition. In order to have detailed information on the subject, our company provides consultancy services and answers all your questions about mergers and acquisitions in UAE and helps you make conscious initiatives.

Ways of Setting Up a Company in UAE

You are free to start a company in UAE and have a chance to open a company on your behalf. The state supports the formation of foreign capital companies in the free zone by identifying some special regions for this purpose. However, those who want to take less risk for the new venture should also know that there are many companies with high acceleration, offering services in many different sectors Investments can also be realized by being a partner with these companies or by taking over the companies that have been transferred. But in order to achieve this, some of the procedures required by the country must be met. The consultancy services provided by our company provide detailed information about companies that can be transferred or partnered in Abu Dhabi and the necessary legal information and transactions  are made in this process

Legal Procedure on Merger or Acquisition in UAE

The labor law in the United Arab Emirates is in accordance with the provisions of the laws prepared in 1980. Accordingly. Accordingly, there is a partnership condition in companies to be established in regions outside the free zones. Or companies can be merged with other companies in the region to grow. In addition, there is a requirement that people who are not citizens of the United Arab Emirates should appoint a distributor or a commercial agent to sell and market in the domestic market. The issue is that mergers and acquisitions in UAE are carried out by all procedures. Company acquisitions in the country also have a certain procedure. Accordingly, it is necessary to apply to the relevant authorities Furthermore, it is important that the application made is accurate and that the documents belonging to the person who wants to take over the company are fully communicated to these authorities. Those who are accepted as investors in the region will be entitled to a commercial visa valid for 3 years and an identity document for the United Arab Emirates and may start to operate their new company .

The Importance of Consultancy Service in UAE for Mergers and Acquisitions :

The advancement of this process by providing consultancy services in order for investors to proceed faster. and smoothly will provide great convenience The services provided by our company are realized under the leadership of a professional and experienced team. Even a small mistake in mergers or acquisitions may cause the process to prolong or unexpectedly reject your application. It is an important criterion for everything to be done properly in order to have a business in a region with high economic power. such as the United Arab Emirates. First of all, it is a part of this consultancy service that you know what work areas in the country have a bigger market and then you can find the companies that can be owned by mergers or acquisitions Then, the process is supported by preparing your documents and making the application perfectly within the specified time. Please contact us for more detailed information on Mergers and Acquisitions in UAE.

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