UAE and China launch ‘Future of Development’ ship

In a related context, Reda Mosallam, Managing Partner of the Truth Economic & Management Consultancy, said that the agreements signed between the two sides to raise the level of cooperation are: procedural and economic frameworks to facilitate the exchange of foreign direct investment between the two sides and benefit from China’s unprecedented progress in the technical field. Promising, and some investments will be channeled from the sovereign fund to China to support them.

He added that enhancing cooperation in the “Belt and Road” initiative includes activating the role of the Joint Economic Committee, strengthening the linkage between the belt and road projects and the policy of economic diversification in the UAE, and expanding cooperation between the two countries in establishing infrastructure and building economic zones.

He pointed out that the agreements between the two sides dealt with increasing trade and investment facilitation, pushing forward the cooperation in dealing with trade, working together to build the free trade zone and creating a more stable and transparent economic and trade environment. Including UAE participation in the China International Import Fair.

He pointed to the UAE’s tendency to achieve the highest utilization of modern technology and artificial intelligence, in cooperation with China, the world’s first country in the data produced and used in the field of artificial intelligence.

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