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UAE Federal Law on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

According to the UAE Federal Law No.(19) of 2018 on foreign Direct Investment, the law grants up to 100% ownership for foreign investors along with incentives and competitive advantages.

The Scope:

  • The law shall be applied to foreign direct investment projects that are established in the land of the country, while it does not apply to the financial and non-financial free zones.


The Direct Benefits and Guarantees:

  • The licensed foreign investment companies are treated like national companies.
  • No expropriation ensuring the property is not expropriated except for public benefit in exchange for fair compensation.
  • Not to seize or confiscate project funds unless by a court hearing.
  • Ownership 100%.
  • The right to use real estate.
  • Make financial transfers for project returns outside the country.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of technical, economic and financial information and investment initiatives.
  • Insert a partner or a number of partners.
  • Transfer ownership to a new investor.
  • Amending the articles of association.
  • Change the legal form of the company.
  • Merger, acquisition or liquidation.



Truth Economic and Management Consultancy is qualified and has an accumulative experience in establishing Public Stock Joint Companies (PJSC) in the UAE. Moreover, Truth will arrange the required steps to assist the company in changing the existing license to Foreign Direct Investment license under the positive list to achieve up to 100% ownership.

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