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Since 1993,
Operating in UAE, GCC & Egypt.

For more than 30 years, we have been shaping the economic map in UAE and GCC. From business feasibility studies, business appraisals, to business plans, digital marketing and all the way to merger and acquisition, and corporate governance, we have helped hundreds of businesses reach their goals and surpass their expectations. With our longstanding experience in the field, Truth maintains close ties with regulatory and legislative authorities such as the Ministry of Economy as the authority concerned with legislation and commercial company laws.

It's our business to make you grow and prosper.

Truth Team

Truth provides consulting services to public and private shareholding companies and provides legal solutions based on our vast experience, familiarity and close follow-up of the latest laws and legislation that regulate economic activities in the country. Truth offers its advisory services within the framework of the annual operational work plan for companies by providing a scientifically and practically qualified work team in the fields.

Our Business
Helps you build a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

Supporting our clients from the dawn of an idea to its fulfillment into reality.

Our Core Values

We believe that excellence comes from a keen attention to detail and working smartly to help you reach your goals efficiently.

Our Vision

Provide an excellent experience to our clients and offer the most professional and efficient consultancy, locally and globally.

Truth is the first company commissioned to establish, manage and operate the following project, Manufacture of steel houses that build houses and villas from 2mm stainless steel, with Canadian technology. It is noteworthy that it is the first company to contribute to the construction of the first passenger bus factory in the country under the trade name Hawasat for Industry in ICAD Industrial Area No. (1).

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Creating a business from scratch can be intimidating and time consuming. Save yourself time and effort, by hiring a team of experts to setup your business and get your business up and running in no time. Established business and feel stuck? Time to restructure your company to improve your efficiency, productivity and profits.

Truth Team
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Managing Partner
Reda Mosallam
Chief Excutive Officer
Amr Mosallam
Strategic Communications Manager
Ali Hamad
Business Development Manager
Ahmed Mosallam
Technical Consultant
Khaled Elsayed
financial analyst
Mustafa hidar
Marketing & Business Consultant
Reham Saad
Office Manager
Aisha Abdallah
Manager Assistant
Ranin Mahmoud