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Truth Economic & Management Consultancy is one of the most specialized companies in the field of economic studies, financial analysis, evaluation of new and existing projects and feasibility studies for many economic projects in the Gulf region. Truth always plays an important role in shaping the economic map and provide projects that represent real investment opportunities in the UAE and the GCC.
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Truth Economic Consultancy was founded in November 1993 under the name of Trust Economic Consultants; then it has been modified to become Truth Economic Consultancy.


Truth specialized in Organizational Consultants such as restructuring the Corporates and foundations, developing action plans on the basis of the contract .

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Truth provides its experiences and relations to procure the necessary money outside the banking sector through its relations with the local and Arab financial funds and foundations.

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Investment Opportunities

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One of the most important services rendered by Truth is the investment opportunities, which may be economic projects that spur the national economy in the UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council countries. These opportunities are deemed initial feasibility studies that help the investor take positive decision thereon.

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Feasibility Study

Truth provides the entrepreneurs with monetary and financial advice and helps in preparing the economic feasibility study.

Incorporating Joint-Stock Companies (Public & Private)

One of the most important services rendered by Truth Company to its clients is incorporating joint-stock companies, the…

Organizational Consultancy

Truth specialized in Organizational Consultancies such as restructuring the Corporates and foundations.

Preparation of a Detailed Guide to Companies Governance

Truth Company shall prepare a detailed guide to the governance of companies of different forms, especially public joint.

Corporate Governance

Truth Company shall prepare a detailed guide to the governance of companies of different forms, especially public joint.

Valuation of Companies

Re-evaluation of Companies with many ways including evaluation by the net book value of the company.

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