1. Merge and Acquisition

Companies merge to reduce competition, increase market share, introduce new products or services, improve operations, and, ultimately, drive more revenue.

With our vast experience in the field, Truth finalizies merger and acquisition procedures between companies in accordance with the laws and rules regulating that, especially the law Federal No. (4) of 2012 regarding the regulation of competition and the decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority No. (18 / R.M) of 2017 regarding the rules of acquisition and merger of public shareholding companies.


Merger Success

The first merger between Al-Safwa Financial Services Company (K.S.C.) and Mubasher Financial Services Company (LLC), in accordance with the law and procedures followed in the Ministry of Economy in the UAE, and the merger resulted in an economic giant under the name of Al-Safwa Mubasher Services Company Finance (PJSC).


Acquisition Success

Carrying out the acquisition by Tabarak Investment Company of Tasweeq Company for Real Estate Development and Marketing (K.S.C), which was finalized successfully.


Our strategy

1.Assessment and preliminary review. 2.Negotiation and letter of intent. 3.Due diligence. 4.Negotiations and closing. 5.Post-closure integration/implementation.

2. PJSC Companies Advisory

Truth provides its advisory services within the framework of the annual operational work plan for companies by providing a scientifically and practically qualified work team in the fields.

Corporate Governance

Preparing the governance guide and system for public and private shareholding companies, and preparing the annual governance reports for both public and private shareholding companies.

Policy and process consultancy

Preparing the internal control manual and system and designing the periodic reports issued by the internal auditor. Preparing a guide and a system of rules of professional conduct for public shareholding companies according to the requirements of the Securities and Commodities Authority.

Advisory Services

Preparing administrative and financial regulations and policies for companies of all kinds. Providing administrative, technical and financial advice to public and private shareholding companies. Providing administrative, technical and financial advice to public and private joint stock companies.

3. Digital Marketing

Coping with the current ever-changing market, it is more important than ever to utilize digital marketing in every industry. Our teams offers a variety of services which includes social media marketing strategy and planning, account creation and branding, content creation and publishing, research and analysis.

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and results in a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines a cost analysis. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you grow your business through Social media marketing tools, Website service and SEO.

Marketing and Social Media Management

We help you create and build winning marketing strategy that converts. This service includes full review and feedback on your social media page with marketing content plan, marketing content strategy and how to run and create ads for your business. This helps your create attractive social media posts to attract more followers, build your brand story and write catchy content. Running ads and monitoring results.

Website Development and Design

We create a new website to showcase your business, sell your products and services, add your calendar and payment links to stand out from your competition and have a processional platform. We got you covered, we have packages for creating either a basic one page website to get your business up and running in a few weeks . Or you can enjoy our premium package where we create a more detailed, website with several pages showing your full portfolio with sales pages, products, testimonials and more.

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